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  1. Installation instructions

  2. Synchronization instructions
  3. Troubleshooting



1. Installation instructions

  • At this moment, only Android version of Mobile Application is available.

  • Once you download and open the App, you can login with the same username and password that you use for logging on
    • Accept terms and conditions – you must accept the terms for sing the application


2. Synchronization instructions

  • When you first login App will do initial synchronization and pull last 800 orders and all customers in these 800 orders from
    • Once you have the initial synchronization you can use the application offline, without internet and when you have internet access you can synchronize all data.
  • After you start using the application when you register new customer and/or order synchronization will not be done automatically. When you have internet connection you should click on the Sync icon on the top right which will have exclamation mark in the middle if there is unsynchronized data and do it manually.
  • If you uninstall or logout the application all locally saved data and downloaded Magento data will be permanently removed. Before you do any of the actions you must do synchronization to all offline data when you have internet.


3. Troubleshooting

  • Logging-in issues
    • Check the internet connection – you must have internet access to login to application and to make the initial synchronization.

    • Try using same login details on – if you have internet and still you are not able to login please try to login on start page. If you succeed to login on start page than try again to login the application, reason might be the one in third point below (Registering orders and customers issues).

    • If you are a new user – as newly created user account (Franchisee, Distributor or Affiliate) first you must login on page to activate your account and then you will be able to use the application.

    • If you are an existing user – check with the parent user (the one that created your account and provided you logins for if you have permissions to use the app. The one who creates your account on the form can choose if you will be able to use the mobile app or not. Please contact the one who gave you login credentials to make sure that you have access to the mobile app.
  • Synchronization issues
    • Check the internet connection – to do synchronization with you must be connected to internet. It can be Mobile Data Connection, Wireless or Wired network.

    • Check that your device has enough space and memory. Make sure you have at least 100MB free space available on your phone.
  • Registering orders and customers issues
    • When adding new customer in, make sure that customer with same e-mail doesn’t exists yet.

    • If you cannot find the right product, make sure that product is enabled in



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